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Do You Have a Materials Handling Or Manual Task Problem?

It Is Likely That Posilift Or One Of Our Suppliers Has Already Solved Your Handling Problem Somewhere In The World.

We supply a wide range of Custom Made Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators. Electronic Lifters, Intelligent Lift Assist Devices, Air Balancers and Servo Hoists as well as a wide range of Aluminium or Steel gantries and Single or Bidirectional Rail Systems.

Our Skill Is In Solving Materials Handling and Manual Tasks Problems To Increase Productivity While Creating A Safer Workplace That Helps Reduce Manual Handling Injuries.

We Have Provided Many Applications. From design to installation for thousands of material handling projects. As well as Lift Assist Devices to handle most applications across most industries. 

Our Solutions Give You.

Higher Productivity. Any operator can perform repetitive lifting, moving or positioning tasks easier, faster and safer while increasing productivity. Continual demands for reducing work time cycles can be met.

Limitless Applications. Manipulator technology can be applied to countless handling problems To Create Effortless Lifting Solutions. Most are custom built to meet the needs of every type of industry. There are Four common types of manipulator mountings: Ground column fixed, portable baseplate, fixed overhead or overhead track mounted.

We Have Solutions That Solve The Problems Of. Lifting, Turning, Tipping, Placing, Positioning, Handling, Gripping, Stacking, Rotating, Tilting, Emptying and Transferring. Either combined, separate or interchangeable. 

Our growth comes from. Our ability to meet our clients needs with our wide range of products and custom solutions. As well as the quality of our exclusive equipment and the quality of our ongoing customer service and support.

We are now able to apply their 25 years of materials handling lifting experience with our own in Australia to solve a wider range of lifting problems for industry.

So whether your lifting or handling task is simple or difficult, Posilift Australia will have a solution to meet your need and budget. Call us on (02) 9415 1914 or Email us at sales@posilift.com.au To Get A Custom Solution and for further information or to discuss our solutions to help meet your lifting, handling needs and budget.

We look forward to assisting you further with your projects.

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