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Our Vertical Pneumatic Lifters can customise handling solutions to meet customer's needs which might be outside our standard range. In addition to pneumatic manipulators, air balancers, servo hoists, and vacuum lifter solutions we can also supply or custom makes many other lifts assist devices. These include lifting tables, shuttle, conveyors, power rail, and non-standard fixtures.

Posilift can supply a wide range of lift assist devices to solve most handling problems. We can design and supply any non-standard fixtures to meet your particular requirement. If your need is outside our normal range, we can tailor-make the solution with a non-standard lift assist device and end effector tooling.

Other Options: Industrial Manipulator

It is likely that Posilift or one of our suppliers has already solved your handling problem somewhere in the world.

Our fully customisable solutions give us leading competitive advantages with affordable pricing options.

Armtec's Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators are CE Certified and only need 7 bar (or 8 bar for very heavy loads) of clean, dry compressed air to operate.

For the past 30 years, Posilift Australia has specialised in the use of Pneumatic Lifting Devices to solve repetitive material handling problems in the industry.

Call or us today for a no-obligation-free measure and quote!

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