Posilift Australia offers a range of Armtec Paper Bobbin Lifters for the weightless and effortless lifting, rotating, stacking, and unstacking of all sizes of Paper Bobbins.


Armtec Pneumatic Paper Bobbin Manipulators are designed to be a fully integrated unit, and custom-designed to suit your Paper Bobbin lifting application (products, movements, and work area). The balancing cylinder, the reach of the arm, and the shape of the arms and tooling are custom-made and are ergonomically integrated to complete the client's specific task.


This makes our Paper Bobbin Lifting Manipulators easier to use, quicker to use, and less tiring for the operators over the total time of their shift. It also aids in reducing or eliminating hazardous tasks and the risk of any repetitive strain injuries. Our safety features and ergonomic design ensure there is no risk of injury to operators and no damage to the product.


Our Pneumatic Paper Bobbin Manipulators can be configured to be column-mounted, overhead fixed, overhead running on our Aluminium Rail Systems, or portable on a Forkable baseplate or motorised on an electrical walkie stacker.

Armtec's Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators are CE Certified and only need 7 bar (or 8 bar for very heavy loads) of clean, dry compressed air to operate.


Posilift Australia are the experts in Paper Bobbin Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators in Australia.


For the past 30 years, Posilift Australia has specialised in the use of Pneumatic Lifting Devices to solve repetitive material handling problems in industry – including those of Paper Bobbin Handling.


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