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Standard I-Beam Hanger Sizes:

(either 50-150 mm or 50-300 mm wide as advised by you upon ordering system) 

Bi-directional Rail System.jpg
I beam hanger.png

Armtec Aluminum Bi-directional Rail System

An"X" meters Down-shop, "Y" meters Cross-shop Aluminium Bi-Directional Track System consisting of:

"X" meters of two (2) special Omega-shaped profiles in aluminum alloy runways with stiffening ribs every two (2) meters for attachment to a standard I-beam


"Y" meters Across Shop Runway Track to create a bi-direction movement 


System Includes:

  • I- Beam Hangers.

  • Safety System. – (Profile Safety Device).

  • Rail Joint Set.

  • Safety System. – (Crane Girder Safety Device).

  • Dual Adjustable End Stop.

  • Fixed End Stop.

  • End Cover.

  • Safety System - Trolley Safety Device.


(It Does Not Include Supporting Steelwork).

1x Compressed Air Supply Stations 

The compressed air supply station is composed of a self-winding spiral feed air tube that runs along a fixed support wireline complete with two strainer hangers for the end of the tracks, anchoring bolts with attachment fittings to the trolley and air supply line. There is also a one-way threaded push fitting valve attachment on the top of the trolley to the manipulator from the air supply line to prevent backflow of air if there is a loss of air.

Compressed Air Supply Stations.jpg
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