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The Virtually Unlimited Applications for Armtec Industrial Manipulators


Those in the processing and material handling industries are always finding new ways to improve efficiency and productivity. Industrial manipulators are not a new technology but are one of the most underutilised in the industry. 

Why is this so? Because international product classifications are very broad and industrial manipulators are classified under the category of a “Lift Assist Device”, which includes many lifting devices including cranes and hoists. But industrial manipulators are much more than that.

So what exactly is an industrial manipulator and how does this machinery solve so many handling problems for businesses? Let’s take a look, using the Australian Armtec manipulator as a guide.  


On the 7th of August 2019, Dalmec Pty Ltd (ACN 000 820 630) changed its name to Posilift Pty Ltd.    Our new email address is  Our website is

Our ACN number and ABN number remains the same.  Our Bank Account Numbers remain the same. There are no changes to our operations, our people, or our company structure.

As you are aware, we terminated our relationship with Dalmec Italy in May 2015. 

For the past four (4) years we have worked with the Posilift Group in Australia.  Working with the Posilift Group has given us access to a wider range of industrial manipulators and other “zero gravity” lift assist devices enabling us to solve a wider range of materials handling problems for our customers in Australia. 

We will continue to service and support all the Dalmec machines we have sold.   

Our QUALITY, SERVICE and CUSTOMER CARE will remain the same.  We will continue to give full warranty, backup, and local support to everything we sell. All equipment specified and sold by us will carry the Posilift Australia mark.  This is your assurance that the equipment supplied was made to our design specifications and meets all the Australian Standards of Health and Safety. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or require any additional information.

Yours sincerely

John Czinner

General Manager

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