BA100 Cable Balancing Arm (Soft Arm) Industrial Manipulators are ideal for the rapid movement of light loads.   They are light and easy to use.  They can handle weights up to 100 kg and reaches up to 3 meters.  


Cable Balancing Arm Industrial Manipulator come in many different sizes, reaches and configurations and can be tailor-made to suit your application, They can be fitted with a wide range of end effector toolings – pneumatic grippers, vacuum suction cups, magnets or hooks or they can be supplied with a flange or hook onto which the customer can fit their own tooling.

All Posilift supplied Cable Balancing Arm Industrial Manipulators meet the highest international standards of quality, safety and reliability.  All have an Air Reservoir with sufficient air to allow the operator to safely park the Industrial Manipulator or finish the work cycle in the event of air supply disruption; a Non-Return Valve to prevent the Air Reservoir from emptying in case of air supply interruption; a Safety Valve to prevent fast movement of the arm in the event the operator gives the wrong command.  All come with “load” and “no load” balancing,