RA200 Rigid Articulating Arm Industrial Manipulators are ideal for the repetitive handling of heavy or off-center loads; when rotating or inclining a load; when gripping or placing a load where there is an overhead obstruction; or where particular precision is needed when gripping, moving or positioning a load. They allow the operator full control over the load.  


Posilift sells an extensive range of Rigid Articulating (Hard Arm) Industrial Manipulators from small, light, and compact models for lower weights and confined spaces, to large Industrial Manipulators to carry loads weighing up to 900kg and with extended reaches of 6 metres to give a working area of 12 metres.  The manipulators can be configured to suit your application and work area.


They can be supplied in many configurations – Column Floor Mounted; Overhead Fixed; Overhead Trolley Mounted; Portable Base Plate; Floor Trolley Mounted.

All our Industrial Manipulators can be fitted with specifically designed end-effectors tooling to handle limitless Industry applications. Or they can be supplied with a flange onto which you can attach your own end-effector tooling.