Posilift Australia offers a wide range of steel rail supplied by Armtec manufactures and supplies a selected range of lift assist devices and associated items. Its aim is to manufacture and supply high quality products at competitive prices. Its method is to only focus on supplying the higher demand, higher volume items in each category. This enables our customers to achieve better cost exigencies and lower prices.

High Quality – Low Cost

• Standard Rail and Standard
• Components.
• Modular System
• Straight and Curved Rail
• Single and Double Girder
• Available with Electric motor Beneits
• Easy to add or combine
• Can be con¬gured to suit any layout.
• Provides maximum flexibility when designing work area.
• Joining by simple end-butting
• All the options and components to build the rail system you need.

Posilift Australia supplies the Armtec Rail range to cover the most common uses in the manufacturing industry for repetitive lifting, moving and positioning applications.

Armtec Rail can be bought separately as parts or as a system
or we can include Lift Assist Devices.

Flexible Options.

Buy Armtec rail parts to add-to, integrate with, or replace
your existing rail system;
Buy a fully installed rail system for a new area.
Buy a complete package of lifting equipment with the rail system.
Armtec Steel Rail Straight Small – K1 type (ASRSK1)
Armtec Steel Rail Straight Large – K2 type (ASRSK2)
Armtec Steel Rail Curved Small – K1 type (ASRCK1)
Armtec Steel Rail Curved Large – K2 type (ASRCK2)
Quality – Reliability – Durability

Armtec Rail Systems meet International Standards of Health
and Safety.  Armtec Rail Systems have all the features and components
necessary to integrate seamlessly into any existing KBK1 and
KBK2 rail systems.

Armtec rail systems are designed, manufactured and tested to International Standards. Built in China to Armtec special cations and under Armtec supervision and quality control


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