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Posilift Australia supplies a wide range of Portable, Forkable or Trans pallet mounted Lift Assist Devices – Industrial Manipulators, Articulating Arms, Cable Balancing Arms, Mobile Lifters, Pneumatic Balancers, Intelligent Assist Devices, Servo Hoists, Vacuum Lifters, and others.

With standard toolings, custom tooling, and or Interchangeable multi tooling solutions. Using Mechanical Gripping, Hooks, Vacuum or Venturi Suction, Pneumatic Gripping, Inner or Outer Mandril Expansion Gripping, and much more and or combined to give you the ability to use one industrial manipulator in multiple applications or in multiple workstations or areas.

We solve repetitive materials handling, lifting, moving, and positioning problems in the workplace and supply solutions that best meet the customer’s needs and budget.

We have been appointed the worldwide distributors of Armtec Equipment ( Australia / China ). We also, sell a wide range of other Lift Assist Devices to meet our customer's needs.

Posilift Australia has been helping Australian customers solve repetitive lifting, moving, placing, and materials handling problems since 1990.

We are now a part of the Posilift Group and growing our network of local partners in the Asia Pacific Region. We have assisted Multinational companies by installing solutions as far afield as Russia, Romania, Morocco, and Mexico.

Our growth comes from our wide range of products and solutions, the quality of our equipment, the quality of our solutions, our customer focus, and our customer service and support. We combine the local knowledge and experience of our branches and local partners, with the knowledge and experience of our suppliers.

It is likely that Posilift or one of our suppliers has already solved your handling problem somewhere in the world.

Our fully customisable solutions give us leading competitive advantages with affordable pricing options.

Armtec's Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators are CE Certified and only need 7 bar (or 8 bar for very heavy loads) of clean, dry compressed air to operate.

For the past 30 years, Posilift Australia has specialised in the use of Pneumatic Lifting Devices to solve repetitive material handling problems in the industry.

Call or us today for a no-obligation-free measure and quote!

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