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In the packaging, paper and printing industries, the common use of lift assist devices is for the easy and safe repetitive lifting and inclining of Roll. Reels and Bobbins weighing up to 500kg. They make the task safer and easier and improve productivity and work safety. Products handled include paper, plastic films, metal films, composite products, non-woven fabric rolled film product. The Rigid Articulating Arm of a manipulator has a major advantage when taking rolls or reels off a machine “eye to the wall”, inclining and positioning on the pallet “eye to the sky” or vice versa.

Depending on operation and product, loads can be gripped by using an expanding mandrel, pneumatic clamping jaws or venturi vacuum. Other uses in this industry include the handling of print cylinders on and off a machine or the handling cartons, boxes, or plastic containers.

All Armtec Industrial Manipulator solutions are specifically designed to suit the customer's product, operation, and Environment.

Lift, Move, Rotate, Incline, Position: Our equipment is designed to suit your application.

Our Industrial Manipulator equipment can be adapted for explosion areas and clean rooms, Lift, Move, Rotate, Incline, Position: Our equipment is designed to suit your application.

It is likely that Posilift or one of our suppliers has already solved your handling problem somewhere in the world.

Our fully customisable solutions give us leading competitive advantages with affordable pricing options.

Armtec's Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators are CE Certified and only need 7 bar (or 8 bar for very heavy loads) of clean, dry compressed air to operate.

For the past 30 years, Posilift Australia has specialised in the use of Pneumatic Lifting Devices to solve repetitive material handling problems in the industry.

Call or us today for a no-obligation-free measure and quote!


Many Gripping Styles: 

  • Grip Inside the Core.

  • Expanding Mandrels.

  • Chucks.

  •  GripPING on the Roll

  • Mechanical Gripping

  • Pneumatic Gripping.

  • Vacuum Suction.

  • Venturi Suction.

Many Configurations: 

  • Column Mounted.

  • Overhead Fixed.

  • Overhead Trolley Mounted on a Rail System.

  • Floor Trolley Mounted on a Foor Rail System.

  • Portable Walkie Stacker.

  • Forkable Baseplate. 


Posilift’s skill is to solve your handling problem and to supply the solution that best meets your need and budget.

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