The attached image of a BA100 works in the same manner as a Vacuum trunk with the additional benefits of:


  • It is mounted to a joint jib and gives more flexibility around the work area even up to the mounting pole.

  • It runs on a single fuel source of just air. (No electricity, pneumatic compressed air only).

  • The vacuum turbine pump on a vacuum truck is large and quite noisy. (And is not ATEX Approved)

  • The BA100 uses zero gravity technology. (That means where ever you move it with ease up or down and stop it it will stay there not just go up and down).

  • The BA100 uses 2x wire cables rated to 870 kg each, not just a material trunk making it much safer.


(This means the wire lasts much longer than a vacuum trunk that needs to be replaced a lot. As it compresses every time it goes up and down, whereas the BA100 rolls around a pneumatic cylinder 3 times and never kinks the wire).

  • The BA100 can do more gripping options and custom tooling to do a much larger range of product lifting solutions. (That future proofs the lifter allowing you to pick up other products with the same lifter around your factory in the future).

  • A vacuum lifter will have to be mounted to a rail system or standard jib. (Makes moving much harder).

  • The BA100 has six different mounting options. (Making it more flexible for a wide range of factories needs).

  • Also, the BA100 is CE Certified.

  • The BA100 is far more economic throughout the lifetime of your project. (And require very little servicing every few years)

  • The BA100 tooling and suction head is much smaller than a vacuum trunk. (Making it much more ergonomic).

  • The vacuum truck is vertical lifting only. (You would need a S shaped tooling to load boxes onto the shelves)

  • And much more.



So because of these facts, we don't sell vacuum trunks and never will, I honestly have a lot of clients come back to me saying they wasted their money on a vacuum trunk and then buying the BA100 and the cost difference isn't much. And a lot of people swapping from vacuum trunks to this solution after complaints from their operators. But I do understand that the vacuum trunk is cheaper and looks like it does what you need it to. And it may in some cases however it won't last and is quite loud and doesn't perform the way people think it does. My personal opinion base on the wear and tear of the vacuum trunk is that it's cheap but not economic.


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